Neaton Brothers Erosion protects your water, land and lakes through advanced erosion control techniques. We service the entire Midwest with a professional team and industrial strength equipment. Anything from housing projects, to state and city contracts, to the oil fields of Minot -- no job is too big or too small.
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Seeding and mulching are done to establish ground cover. Depending on plan specifications this may include anything from cover mulch for frost protection to fertilizing, disk anchoring and seeding.
Floating silt curtain is used for containing silt in an area of open water. They are used to control the release of silt from a construction site by creating a barrier above and below the water to reduce water contamination.
Silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier of fabric designed to intercept and slow the flow of sediment and runoff from disturbed soil.
Erosion control blanket and BioRoll provides soil reinforcement for vegetation establishments. Typically used in ditch bottoms, waterways, steep slopes, and shorelines where shear stresses are high and frequent runoffs are present.
Tree preservation fence is used for areas of trees that we do not want destroyed, the fence is put up around that area to protect the existing trees. Temporary fence is also used as a construction site barrier, to protect and define the site.
Hydroseeding is a combination of water, seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, and tackifier (glue). The material is mixed in a tank to a heavy slurry consistency and then sprayed onto the ground, slope, or stockpile. Hydroseeding is great for those hard to reach areas, critical areas where hay will not work, and it's perfect for temporary stockpiles.
Erosion control sod installation protects against erosion and is designed specifically for large-scale applications. Neaton Brothers Erosion specializes in new street construction sod and commercial jobs.
NPDES Inspections, Professional Snow Removal, and Construction Site Street Sweeping
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